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How a Little Bit of Diligence in Carrier Selection Can Avoid Some Serious Problems.

In the event of a chemical spill, an accident, a cargo claim, or cargo theft, everyone goes looking for someone to blame. Don’t let that person be you. Make sure you have a tight policy on carrier selection and qualification and make sure you have clearly defined who can approve new transportation providers Continue reading

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All about Tranportation Claims

Many companies make costly mistakes when handling transportation claims that result in claims not getting paid. There is a specific process that must be followed to ensure that the carrier involved pays the claim. If the shipper or consignee, do not follow this process, the carrier will have an “out” and not pay the claim. Then you’ll end up in court and give yourself a lot of headaches you don’t need. At Direct Service Network, we coach our clients through this process to ensure their claims are paid by the carrier involved. Continue reading

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