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Why U.S. Freight Is So Different – Top 10 Reasons

As a transportation company in Canada we deal with customers in both the United States and Canada. The majority of U.S. shippers likely ship 90% or more within the U.S. and less than 10% to Canada. Many shippers in the … Continue reading

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Best Strategies for Reducing Freight Costs in Canada

When freight rate bids are yielding diminishing returns on savings, you’ve probably exhausted all the savings you’re going to derive from competition among carriers and transportation companies. At some point the carriers have gone as low as they can with their freight … Continue reading

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I think we’re in for a tight freight market…rates will rise.

Lock in capacity commitments and take a look at increasing their freight spend budget. I fear those who don’t will be left out in the cold in the months to come having to bid for trucks on the open market. Highest bidder gets the truck! Instead of all the carriers calling you, you’ll be calling carriers begging for equipment Continue reading

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